The Benefits of Barrier-Free Living

July 17, 2019 in Design, Pine Meadows, Sessions Woods, Springfields of Allendale, Tips and Ideas

If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you’ll know that open floor concepts are all the rage.  It looks great on TV, and can be as good in real life.  With the added plus of no stairs and no extra walls, there are tons of benefits for barrier-free living!


Customization.  In a walled-off home, you don’t get to choose the size of your living room or dining room.  In an open-concept space, the only limit is your own imagination.  You can set up a 10 foot table to seat the whole family, or install a mega screen for the ultimate entertainment system.  Open-concept living means freeing yourself from the boundaries of ordinary rooms.

Main Floor Laundry.  No one likes marching down the dark stairs to do laundry every week.  It can feel like an obstacle course to maneuver about your home with an overflowing basket.  But when living on one floor, that hazard is a thing of the past.  You can enjoy cleaning your clothes on the main floor without the added stress to your knees and back.

Natural Light.  Open concept spaces truly take advantage of natural light.  Regardless of the size, it only takes a few windows to light up the whole room.  No matter where you are, you’ll be able to look and enjoy the benefits of a bit of sunshine.

Easier Entertaining.  With open spaces, you no longer have to keep disappearing into the kitchen.  Guests can still interact with you while preparing food or setting the table.  Barriers will no longer wall off guests during social events.  The party doesn’t stop when someone gets up for more cheese dip!

No Stairs.  If your knees aren’t as great as they used to be, living without a second floor can be beneficial to your health.  A lack of steps means you don’t have to worry about overextending yourself during the day or falling hazards during the late night trips to the kitchen.  Living barrier-free means getting around with ease, with an all-access pass to everything on a single floor. 

Great for Kids.  Being a parent just got a little bit easier.  In a barrier-free home, you won’t need to worry about keeping a close eye on the kids.  When they decide to play outside, you can watch them from your living room.  And when they sit down for some TV, you can still prepare dinner in the kitchen.  Being barrier-free also means more safety for your grandchildren.  Without the sharp corners and turns of a walled home, your grandkids are more free to run around.

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7 Inexpeinsive Ways to Make a House a Home

July 10, 2019 in Design, Tips and Ideas

The day you’ve dreamed about has finally arrived. You move into your newly constructed home, and the whole family is eager to claim their own space! A new home is a big, empty canvas to fill with your furniture and personal touch. What’s the best way to make your house a home.

Add Texture.  Too many bare wooden floors and naked windows can create a sense of emptiness. A variety of textures are key to creating an inviting space. Take the time to invest in an area rug or fun curtains in order to shake things up.

DIY.  There are plenty of inexpensive ways to reuse what you have in order to put some final touches on the home. To list a few:

  • 1. Use fabric from clothes as new pillow covers.
  • 2. Repurpose extra wood into an accent wall or a customized headboard.
  • 3. Repaint old furniture.

Create a Pop of Color.  While it may be overwhelming to paint a room bright orange, adding pops of color help breathe life into your space. Think of the 60-30-10 rule: 60% of the space should be your dominant color, 30% is the accent color, and 10% is an accessory. Pair brighter, poppy colors as an accent or a secondary color with a solid dominant color to give your home some life.

Show Off Your Personality.  Don’t hide your hobby. If you have a crazy craft table or some fun knick knacks, let that space define the room instead of shoving it to the side. Consider creating a feature wall to display your kid’s art, a spouse’s metal crafting, or your water polo trophies!

Create a Nook.  If the structure allows for it, a breakfast or study nook really helps create a cozy place to curl up. Adding cushions, texture, or a darker accent wall will help bring warmth to your space.

Add Art.  Artwork is the perfect way to liven up a sparse space. But you don’t have to break the bank in order to find the perfect piece. Tons of quirky art pieces can be found at local thrift shops to save a quick buck while at the same time sprucing up the place!

Cultivate Life.  Plants improve air quality of your home while adding a touch of natural beauty. If you’re on a budget, it’s easy to take part of one plant and replant it to grow into another. Slowly but surely you’ll have your own indoor garden blooming in no time.

Your home should reflect your heart. Creating a personalized space can be done both with interior decoration, and exterior floor plans. Build a part of you into the walls of your home. For customizations, see our ​floor plans​ or ​make an appointment to see one of our model homes for yourself.

We’re hiring!

June 5, 2019 in Maplewood Homes News

It’s an exciting time to be part of the new home building industry and our team is expanding as we grow!

Currently we are looking for an experienced Framing Crew Lead Carpenter to manage a crew of 3-5 carpenters. The ideal candidate will posses skilled experience in traditional wood frame residential construction. Concrete, Siding and Roofing experience is also helpful.

The successful candidate will:

-Have a strong background in residential construction
-Be able to perform top quality work
-Be able to minimize jobsite waste of time and labor
-Be able to work without constant direct supervision
-Be able to lead a team and teach newer carpenters
-Be able to read blueprints, layout floor systems, walls, and roofs
-Be able to meet production schedules and promote team member efficiency and safety
-Take pride in their work
-Have a clean driving record

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