In 2013, Joe Hayes, of Maplewood Homes was recognized as a "Graduate Master Builder" by the National Association of Home Builders. The Graduate Master Builder (GMB) designation is administered by NAHB to recognize the industry's leading building professionals. Candidates must first earn their CGB (Certified Gradute Builder) and also have a minimum of 5 years of building experience before they can apply for the Master Builder designation. They are also required to take courses on building technology, finance, project management, sales and marketing, and safety for the CGB, and then complete additional courses such as: Diversification; Capitalizing on New Business Opportunities; Financial Management; Land Acquisition and Development Finance; Negotiating Skills; Profitable Business through Quality Practices; and Risk Management and Insurance for Building Professionals. Before graduating, they must sign a Master Builder Code of Ethics and provide proof of the appropriate licenses, registrations, certifications and insurance required by their state. Upon graduation, they must also complete ongoing continuing education courses to maintain their CGB and GMB status. There are currently only 10 Graduate Master Builders in the State of Michigan.

Throughout my career as a home builder, I have always sought to learn more and improve my skills to better serve our clients, employees, and trade partners. I am an active member of a Builder-20 club, which is a small group of builders who meet bi-annually to improve their companies. I attend the International Builders Show as often as I am able, and I take builder-related classes frequently. Here is list of classes, seminars, and other continuing education courses I have attended recently.

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