When we think of the perfect house, we may think about dream countertops or high ceilings that take your breath away. But what about the kind of household that fits your life? Your home can be just as functional as it is beautiful. Learn about the floor plans and layouts that create a home designed with your lifestyle in mind.

Surroundings  You may have figured out your home from top to bottom on the inside, but have you thought about what it needs on the outside? Do you need space to entertain and have some privacy, or will the kids want an area to call their own? To add some shade or start your dream garden, Maplewood Homes offers a great landscaping package to add onto your build. Add some functionality to every square foot of your home.

Built-In Units  Take advantage of building a new home by adding a personal touch. Interested in built-in cabinets next to the fireplace? A bench with lockers in the mudroom? When starting from scratch, you can add customizations to your space to create a home that fits your lifestyle. We’re flexible, and want to hear your ideas. Let us know if you’re interested in discussing customizations.

Find Your Perfect Floor Plan  Picking a floor plan is definitely a fun part of building. But it’s also a way to customize your home to your lifestyle. Whether it’s an open-floor plan that lets you keep an eye on the kids, or a single floor that lets you live without stairs, your floor plan should be reflective of how you live. Don’t forget to consider what your life might look like five or ten years down the line. Will mobility be an issue? Will you be expanding your family or downsizing? There’s a lot to consider when choosing the perfect plan. To get the full experience, we recommend ​visiting our model homes​ to get a good idea of each layout.

Functional Arrangement  What if you never had to trudge down the basement stairs to do laundry? Now’s your chance to create first-floor laundry, a mud room, or that finished basement or attic. Take full advantage of your build by organizing each room in a way that looks good and ​ works for you.

Get Creative with the Kids  Ask every member of the family what they want in their dream home and you’ll probably get some creative answers. For example, your child’s slide into the kitchen may be a safety hazard, but you can always install one in the backyard. Get inspired by what everyone has to offer. Don’t leave your pets out of the picture either. A custom pet door for dogs or wall furniture for the cats makes your space stand out while creating a home that everyone can enjoy.

For more ideas on making your new home fit your lifestyle, ​get in touch​ with us to start your project or ​look at some floorplans​ for inspiration.