It sounds like a buyer’s worst nightmare: getting elbow deep into the building process only to discover problem after problem that blows out your budget. But if you’re looking for a sign of reassurance, this is it. ​You can do this. Building a home is incredibly possible, and even more incredibly rewarding. Be aware of how to navigate around these hidden costs to save money and you’ll find building to be a breeze.

Problem: Picking the Right Upgrades

You may have already fallen in love with some of our ​model homes​, and we definitely don’t blame you. However, be aware that these homes may include upgrades from the original package. Home upgrades are what make your house a home, but be aware that the cost of too many of them can pile up quickly.

Solution: Prioritize

Pick a few upgrades that really matter to you. This can be a better appliance, bigger windows or a better trim. Choose just a few features you love and leave the rest to the original plan. You may want to save some upgrades until after you’ve seen and lived in your new home.

Problem: Additional Features Not Included in the Sale

After collaborating with your contractor for months, you feel like everything will be and should be taken care of by the time you move into your new home. That’s how it should work, right? Well, sometimes there are still costs to be covered after you’ve moved in: blinds for the windows, missing appliances, utility activation fees, and landscaping. There can be hidden costs you won’t think about until you move in. Or worse yet, you realize you hate those countertops and need them replaced!

Solution: Transparency

Communication is key. Always double check with your contractor about what’s included and what’s not included in the home. For example, Maplewood Homes has a landscaping package, so you don’t have to stress over yard work right after the move. Be clear about your standards, and your contractor will be clear with theirs. That way you can work out what’s best for both parties. You don’t want to be caught off guard by a missing refrigerator!

Problem: Site Preparation

Months before the move-in day, you may find yourself in trouble with the amount of preparation needed to even begin building your home. Leveling the land and removing plants is one thing. But all too often, constructors start to dig only to run into a layer of solid rock!

Solution: Know Before You Buy

It’s vital to call in an appraiser before purchasing land. This way, there won’t be any surprises when your builders start digging. A proper estimate will help put you at ease and help you confidentially choose the spot of your new home.

Preparing for these hidden costs will make the transition to your new home that much smoother. If you want to know more about the cost of building, ​contact us​ or learn more ​about​ our organization.