Think of your dream home. Picture every detail, from the groomed lawn and the ideal porch, to what lies behind the front door. Believe it or not, that dream home could become a reality. You can build it!

Building a home is the ideal solution for both you and your finances. It means creating something in your price range with every feature you want, and nothing you don’t. Regardless of your age or experience, building a home is a smart choice that can save you time and money.

First-Time Buyers

  • Stress Free.  When buying a pre-existing home, you can never fully know what you’re getting into. Damage in the pipes or foundation can cost thousands to repair, and put your life on hold to fix them. When you’re inexperienced in home repair, investing in a new home is the ultimate peace of mind. Maplewood’s trusted master builders are here to walk you through the entire process. You can create a brand new structure, free from the wear and tear of older homes.
  • Great Investment.  Buyers want a home that appreciates, or goes up in value over time. However, how much or little that happens depends on a multitude of factors, such as the quality of the structure, the neighborhood and house features. Coincidentally, newer homes tend to be of higher quality than older homes. With the security of a high-quality home, you should be confident in your investment for many years to come. And with Maplewood, you can afford to make this investment!


Small Families

  • The Perfect Fit.  If you’re ready to start expanding your family, it can be difficult to find a home that accommodates all its members and their needs. Regardless of the size of your family, building a home means creating enough rooms with all the features your kids will love. Need a bigger yard? Want the kids to have their own bathroom? With a new home, you have the ability to have it all.
  • Money-Saving.  With Maplewood, building your own space can actually be less expensive than buying a home of the same size – especially in the long run. All your appliances and features will be brand new, so you won’t need to worry about repairs for quite some time. When you build, the money only goes where you want it to go. It makes sense. You save yourself from paying for a swimming pool when you’d rather have a finished basement. The combined customization and lack of upkeep makes a brand-new home a wise decision.



  • A Final Place to Call Your Own.  If retirement is in the near future, building a house is a great opportunity to make your last home your best home. You can downsize while still owning something new, with the features you’ve always wanted plus the ability to add your personal touch. There are several floorplans to choose from and customizations we can provide. Starting from scratch allows you the time to create a structure that’s truly yours.
  • Care-Free.  Building a new home means low maintenance, so you can enjoy the things you love to do instead of worrying about repairs. You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing you won’t have any hidden costs or surprises that often come with an older home. In other words, building is easy on you and your budget!

Whether you’re first-time home buyers who didn’t realize you could afford to build, a growing family looking to move up from a starter home, or you’re retired and want to make one last move, Maplewood Homes can affordably build the house of your dreams! Take a look at our floorplans or available homes to see for yourself how you can open new doors.