You’ve signed onto your new home and couldn’t be more excited!  But before moving day, there’s that awkward amount of time between moving out of your current house and moving into your new one.  What can you do to survive living in between homes?  We have tips to ease the transition.

Choosing a place to stay.  If you find yourself between houses, does this mean you need to move back in with your parents? Possibly, but don’t think that’s your only option. Besides living with friends or family, there are plenty of Air BnBs or hotels from which you can choose. And don’t forget about forwarding your mail!

Finding Storage.  Talk to your moving company about their options for storage. Some will have their own recommendations, or shop around to see what storage unit works best for you. If you’re moving cities, consider storing your belongings in a cheaper area. And for the sake of your future sanity, please Label. Your. Boxes.

Apart from storing your belongings, you’ll need to figure out which items to bring. Pack as if you’re going on vacation, such as a backpack of clothes, toiletries, and other essentials. To keep it minimal, don’t bring clothes for more than 2 or 3 weeks. That’s what laundry is for.

Adjusting Your Routine.  Whether you stay with friends or find your own space, changing locations can be a big adjustment on the family. One of the ways to preserve moral can be rebuilding that sense of home. It’s easy to find an excuse to get out of the hotel room or in-laws, but make an effort to claim your space. Cooking a meal together or having a family movie night can bring a sense of home to your surroundings and help you feel more comfortable where you are. If you feel uncomfortable staying for longer than a week at a friend or family members house, remember you can always host a thank-you party for them once you set up your new space!

Saving Money.  Buying a new home in itself is a large investment, so most likely you’re looking to save some money. For a budget friendly move:

  • Resist the urge to eat out. Instead, opt for cooked meals or have dinner at the in-law’s house.
  • Squeeze in a night with a friend. If you can’t stay the whole week, try a weekend to cut the cost of temporary housing.
  • Opt to move on a weekday, when moving trucks are less busy (and pricey).

Thankfully, this in-between stage is the last leg of the race. You’re almost ready to move into your new home! Maplewood Homes wants to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. To answer more of your questions, contact us or learn more about our organization.