Whether it’s your first space or you’ve recently downsized, tight quarters can be tough when your friends and family come over.  Regardless of your living quarters, there are tons of simple tricks for maximizing space for parties.

  • Declutter.  Common sense says a clean space has a lot more room than a messy one.  Take the time to invest in some decorative baskets for under the bed storage or on high shelves.  Additionally, take time to minimize decorations on knick-knacks that could overwhelm the space.  You don’t need to sell your prized doll collection, but maybe keep it safe somewhere until after the party.
  • Offer guest storage.  That pile of coats and shoes can add up fast.  If you don’t have a coat closet or a shoe rack, designate an out-of-sight room or area to store guests belongings.  This will free up more traffic and open up the remaining are to guests.
  • Furniture.  There’s no shame in removing large, bulky items of furniture for an event.  The most important pieces in a room are seating and countertops for any food or beverages.  Ideally, every guest should have a seat and somewhere to set their drink.  When furnishing a smaller space, look for simple items that don’t overwhelm the room while providing means of storage.  Food carts with multiple shelves are great to wheel around, and coffee tables with drawers can be used to hide last minute items.
  • Colors.  Generally, lighter colors are seen as a way to open up smaller spaces, while dark colors make things more cozy.  When finishing your room, opt for lighter colors for the walls and furniture.  Even if your space isn’t physically larger, your guests may feel less cramped when you entertain.
  • Expand.  If hosting a party in your living room is a physical impossibility, that’s a great reason to add new features to your home.  If you’re thinking about building a new home, consider a finished basement or a deck as an option for guests.  These customizations will open up the spaces for you to accommodate more friends, family and fun.

Regardless of the size, any house can become a cozy venue.  In you’re looking for a home with ideal entertaining spaces, visit us to open new doors in your life.