Hosting for Easter Sunday this weekend?  If you’re like most of us then you’re probably searching for last minute decoration ideas and scrambling for where to find the perfect pieces to create your Easter table masterpiece.  We came up with a list of helpful tips to guide you in the making your table a beautiful gathering space for your guests.

When it comes to decorating a space there are a few design principles that you can apply to make and area feel balanced and appealing to the eye.  These principles revolve around color, height, texture and spacing.  Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your table will be!

  1. Choose your color palate.  Up to three colors is preferred to keep the theme consistent and not look too busy.  Complimentary colors are typically adjacent or opposite to each other on a color wheel.
  2. Create a focal point with a centerpiece.  The highest point on the table should be at the center.  Choose a centerpiece that coordinates with your color palate as it will be the focal point and tie all of the elements together.  A few ideas for themed centerpieces would be a clear vase filled with Easter eggs or Tulips, or a bunny figurine.
  3. Match the place settings back to your centerpiece.  Choose an element from your centerpiece to repeat in your place setting display.  Whether its a color, a shape or material, the repetition is pleasing to the eye and makes the space cohesive.
  4. Layer with multiple textures.  A place setting should have at least two textures including a plate with a napkin on top.  An easy additional layer to add would be a charger underneath the plate.  A nice way to add a rustic, natural element to your table would be to use a wood slice charger.
  5. Make room for all necessary utensils and glasses.  The biggest downfall of an over decorated table can be losing adequate space to eat!  Make sure there is enough room for each guests flat wear, plates and glasses.