Whether you choose speckled granite or marbled quartz, properly caring for your natural stone countertops will help them stay looking like new.  The key to keeping up with maintenance is to wipe down your solid surfaces daily.  We recommend to clean your granite or quartz with a neutral pH cleaning agent.  As a result, this will help prevent damage and promote lasting use for years to come.

Since natural stone is somewhat porous, it can be subject to stains or etching.  Etching is a type of surface damage caused by acidic liquids like juice or alcohol and some cleaning products.  You cannot always feel surface damage but you may see it, resulting in a dull spot on your countertop.  You’ll want to avoid contact with any acidic liquids and clean spills right away.  Another way to protect your natural stone is to use sealers or impregnators.  These serve as a moisture barrier and will help shield against stains.  Granite should be sealed every two to three years, as a general rule of thumb.

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